Kusum Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization based in India that was started with the objective of uplifting rural Indians through vocational skills and progressive growth. The world we live in is changing every day and the importance of possessing a skill set has become important to earn a livelihood and progress towards growth. Given the lack of computer literacy in the villages, Kusum Foundation aims to enable the younger generation to learn computers led skills and programmes and also sewing, embroidery, and mobile repairing skills that will spearhead them in the right direction.

Kusum Foundation was conceived and promoted by Dr. Anand Kumar under the aegis of Shri Ram Raghubir Prasad Sinha, Chief Trustee of the Foundation and in the memory of his late mother Srimati Kusumawati Devi with the sole goal of imparting knowledge and vocational skills that will help shape young minds into independent and employable citizens of India.

Headquartered in Chapra, Saran, Kusum Foundation strives to bring about a socio-economic change in the country through ICT (information and communication technologies) and other disciplines of vocational training. After working extensively in rural Bihar, the organization intends to mould young minds in other parts of the country and then move to other needful centres overseas.

The Foundation charges only a nominal fee of Rs 160 per student per month. We charge this fee from our ICT students towards the cost of running the generator. Our students who learn other things are charged only Rs 50 once in six months. Major contribution towards the monthly salary comes from Dr. Kumar and supplemented by few others like Shri Rakesh Sinha.

Since we have received an approval under the Income Tax Regulations, our donors can get tax remissions under section 80G when paying their annual taxes.

Kusum Foundation Opening Ceremony Pictures