Being a learning entity Kusum Foundation has been working relentlessly in the field of education and training for over twelve years. We have had the privilege of training over 5000 people across courses and continue to grow and do so in various spheres.

Any kind of support whether tangible or intangible is always appreciated at our NGO. We truly believe it takes multiple helping hands to make a change and we always look forward to every hand that is willing to help us.

You are invited to be a Kusum Foundation volunteer and support us in the following ways.

  • Be a Teacher or Trainer at Kusum Foundation.
  • Liaising between the Foundation and vendors providing services, media, corporate houses, microfinance institutions, and other NGOs, which can help in achieving our goals.
  • Play a key role in implementing various programs and initiating new projects.
  • The skills learned can be said to have truly helped only when they translate “the trained” into real earning possibilities. Help us by joining backward and forward linkages, helping trainees to become self-sustainable.
  • Build a team of professionals involved in fundraising.
  • Take up part-time or full-time internships with us.
  • We also welcome student internships on a pro-bono basis.
  • Students can become a part of our journey by teaching our students a subject of their choice.

Please write to us to discuss any career opportunities at Kusum Foundation –