Individual Social Responsibility

We have all heard about corporate social responsibility but have no idea what Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) means. Individual social responsibility necessarily means an individual’s responsibility towards the community where he lives and thrives with the contribution from the communities. It involves creating a value chain, one person at a time, to help the underprivileged members of the society and being involved in their growth and path to glory. One might wonder whether ISR differs from CSR. It definitely does; CSR is generally dictated by the corporate based on their own ideologies and corporate culture whereas ISR has more to do with how one individually reflects on the society.

Kusum Foundation is a humble ISR initiative that involves empowering the society by equipping them with an education and skill set.

One might practice ISR in many ways some of which being developing a strong philanthropic attitude towards other individuals and the world as a whole, maintaining a strong sense of integrity and honesty in every dealing no matter how small or big and contributing in wider dimensions like campaigning, volunteering and providing support services that might positively impact the community rather than only giving monetary aid.