Charities For Children Education In Bihar

Every small contribution you make goes a long way in helping us meet our objectives. Every penny of the contribution made by you is utilised, professionally & ethically, by us to provide better infrastructural facilities to the trainees and improve the extent of our reach.

There are cases where we cannot take any contribution even Rs. 160 per month from trainees for e.g. a girl with six members in a family with her father earning Rs. 4500 pm if she wants to be educated and supported where does she go ?

We believe in maintaining complete transparency and for the same

reason, we have maintained records of contributions that are kept for inspection and audit. Every year the annual accounts are audited by an external and well-established Chartered Accountancy firm that ensures proper utilization of your funds.

Contributions can be on a one-time basis or it may be staggered every month as deemed appropriate. It is imperative to know that one can decide to stop their monthly contributions anytime they like; this would not be a commitment; you can choose as per your convenience.

We believe that contributions don’t have to be only in monetary terms. We wholeheartedly appreciate any guidance and suggestions given to improve the course curriculum and teaching style.

Your sustained support and regular contributions will help us formulate strategies and implement our projects and programs with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

To allow you to see the kind of impact your involvement has made on the lives of thousands of people, we publish yearly updates that explain the various milestones we have accomplished during the year and the milestones we intend to accomplish in the near future.

Contributions made to Kusum Foundation are eligible for exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. You can get the tax certificate from the administration whenever you demand. This certificate will help you claim the deduction.