Commitment to Social Change

Kusum Foundation has been actively engaged in imparting knowledge/vocational training successfully in ICT(Information Communication Technology), Sewing, Embroidery & Painting for over 12 years.

With 30 state of the art computers, 4 embroidery machines, 25 sewing machines with 7 electronical ones, Kusum NGO has expanded into something much larger, it has brought about a positive impact on over 5000 lives, not only in Katesar but also in villages like Mothan, Gaura, Narharpur and many more around 20 km radius.

The Foundation has trained around 5000 students in the last twelve years of its operation, and during its humble journey continues to strive to make the youth self-reliant and confident by being gainfully employed.

Our students today have been able to get jobs and placements in various fields as well be self-employed.

Our Supporters

We are thankful to our Individual Supporters & Corporates without whom we would not have been able to make an impact!

Your participation very much akin to a beacon is most welcome and gratifying. It is not only monetarily that you can contribute. You may also spend your time, share your experience and knowledge with teachers/students. By the grace of The Almighty and your countless blessings underpinned with the dedication of the teachers, Kusum Foundation has completed a meaningful journey thus far for 12 years. You may take up any voluntary work that contributes to the objective and mission of the foundation.