Education Sponsorship Of A Student

Kolkata Festival , London

Empowering through education and knowledge has been the cornerstone of our organizations’ ethos & culture. By providing extensive coaching and training to the underprivileged population within a 20 km radius, we have been able to help thousands of people take a constructive step towards their dreams and ambitions. Also the organization has been able to provide computer-based education to few from Government schools, farmers, and the elderly populace. We are sure these teachers will pass on the knowledge to their students.

Daily three batches run & as a result, there would be 60 students in ICT and 45 in Embroidery, Sewing. At any given time, 50% of students attend practical classes and 50% theory classes. Two teachers look after the practical classes and one teacher looks after the theory classes. There are total of eight teachers working around the courses.


Computer led Skills & Programs

Embroidery & Painting